"Before my practice of Positive Intelligence (PQ) and mental fitness, my days were filled with anxiety, an insatiable need to control everything around me, and a feeling that anything was better or more interesting than the present.  

My mind wandered, my loved ones questioned my intentions, and I regularly had an empty feeling in the pit of my stomach.  There had to be a better way to live!  

And then I was introduced to PQ.  As a result of this practice, I feel freer with less mind chatter and internal dialogue.  I’m way less judgy!  I’m expressing empathy in ways I never thought possible – I see others’ point of view without evaluating whether it’s good or bad. I’m showing compassion, and I’m significantly less reactive to life.  The bottom line – I feel a greater sense of inner-peace and calm.  

This new-found way of being has led to greater connection with my clients, friends and family. 


PQ has changed my life!"


Just as you need to be physically fit to climb a steep hill, you also need to be mentally fit to reach your potential and achieve happiness. If you are unsatisfied with your life or career, increasing your mental fitness will help you take control of your performance and satisfaction.

Darren Kanthal, a certified PQ coach at The Kanthal Group, can help you achieve mental fitness in just eight weeks. Through our program, you will gain access to the tools needed to help increase your positive intelligence and enhance your quality of life.

You can learn the habits you need to become a more positive person in just eight weeks! Contact The Kanthal Group to learn more about our program offerings.


What Is Positive Intelligence? The Executive “Secret Sauce”

The term positive intelligence was created based on research by Shirzad Chamine. Through his research, Chamine discovered that the brain can be divided into two distinct sections, “the survivor region” and the “PQ region”. The former activates your brain’s Saboteurs when you’re faced with challenges and can manifest negative, fear-based emotions. The latter, your PQ brain, is your Sage, also known as your true self. By tapping into your PQ brain you can access positive feelings that help you overcome negativity.


Essentially, positive intelligence measures the control you have over your positivity through a Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ). In short, PQ is the difference between your positive mental muscles (Sage) and your negative mental muscles (Saboteur). The Sage and the Saboteur react to challenges in different ways, so the stronger your Sage is, the happier you will be.


Your Saboteur reacts to challenges with negative emotions and stress, while your Sage reacts with positivity and self-confidence. Luckily, our PQ coach can help you strengthen your Sage and weaken your Saboteur so that you’ll have more control over your mental wellbeing.  

By gaining a better understanding of your positive intelligence and learning how to improve your mental fitness, you can unlock areas of yourself that you may not otherwise be able to access. Our positive intelligence coach is ready to help you reach your positive potential.

Positive Intelligence Coach: “Help Me, Help You”


Do you want to bring more positivity into your life? Better yet, do you feel like you’ve already tried your own methods with limited results? Accomplishing these things on your own can be challenging, but an experienced PQ coach can help. By working with a positive intelligence coach, you can learn new techniques and methods you may not be familiar with.


Darren Kanthal of The Kanthal Group has more than 20 years of experience working with people to help them become the best versions of themselves. He has experience assisting people in all areas of their professional and personal development and he is ready to work with you too. With the help of The Kanthal Group, you can improve your mental fitness and become better equipped to handle the stresses of everyday life.


Contact The Kanthal Group today to schedule a free consultation.

What Am I Even Supposed to Do With Positive Intelligence?


Your mental fitness is being challenged every day whether you realize it or not. For that reason, it’s important to make sure your mental muscles are as strong as they can be. Here at The Kanthal Group, our positive intelligence coaching is designed to keep you in tip-top mental shape.

We focus on three core muscles to improve your mental fitness and PQ. First, you’ll learn how to intercept and discredit negative emotions by strengthening your Saboteur Interceptor muscle. Next, we’ll work on strengthening your Sage muscle, which will increase your ability to empathize, explore, innovate, navigate, and activate.

Finally, we’ll help you strengthen your self-command muscle to give you control over your brain so that you can silence negative emotions and self-doubt and let positivity and confidence take over. Our program will put you through a series of exercises called PQ reps that will help you strengthen this muscle.

With all three of these muscles working in unison, you’ll find yourself feeling able to overcome challenges you encounter in all areas of your life. You may not always be able to control the things around you, but with the help of The Kanthal Group, you can learn how to control your responses and maintain a positive mindset no matter the circumstances. By increasing your PQ, you will learn how to be more empathetic and compassionate while experiencing an overall feeling of calmness.


The Struggle is Real:
Can PQ Help Me?

Now that you’ve learned more about positive intelligence, you may be wondering if this practice is right for you. The good news is that our PQ program is designed to help all kinds of people. If you can relate to any of the following points, our program could be the perfect fit for you:


  • You’re looking for a science-based solution to help you become more positive

  • You’re open to learning new mental habits

  • You want to reduce stress and improve your performance in all areas of life


Whether you’re looking to achieve more in your professional or personal life, PQ can be a great option for you. Your PQ coach will work with you to help determine your goals and assess your needs.


Your PQ Master:
Why Choose The Kanthal Group?

Raising your positive intelligence may be a very personal journey, but it’s not one that you need to go on alone. With The Kanthal Group on your side, you’ll have access to our PQ program. The PQ program combines cohort coaching, self-paced video instruction, and an easy-to-use app to guide your daily practice. Through our program, you’ll see a measurable difference in your happiness and productivity in just six to eight weeks.

Since our approach is based on science, you can feel confident that our methods have been researched and tested. Our program is designed to create lasting results that will stick with you no matter what you encounter in life.

To learn more about our PQ program, you can schedule a free consultation here or call us at 720-295-5417


“I'm shocked by what I’ve learned about myself; and also what I’ve grown to unlearn about how I react to situations.  I now realize the behaviors that got in the way of my success. This has been a truly transformative experience and something that I will practice for years to come.”

Theo G., Denver, CO


Within 6-8 weeks of mental fitness training you'd be able to see the results in MRI imaging:  

  • Increased grey matter in the PQ Brain region, where your Sage lives 

  • Decreased grey matter in the Survivor Brain region, where your Saboteurs live  

  • Improvements in these competencies lead to substantial results:

  • At MetLife, trained salespeople outsold the control group by 37%

  • Motorolla recorded improved productivity in 93% of trained employees

  • In a UK restaurant group, higher competency resulted in 34% greater profit growth

  • At Sanofi-Aventis Pharmeceutical, the average salesperson with improved competency sold $55,200 more per month

  • At L’Oreal, strength in these competencies resulted in $91,370 increase per sales person

  • At CIBC, strength in these competencies account for 32% of booked sales and 71% of pipeline sales


“A brilliant breakthrough.”

"The Positive Intelligence (PQ) model is a brilliant breakthrough as it defines, measures, and improves your awareness of your own performance and happiness. It also helps solve the mystery of why so many smart people still fail to be successful."

- Jim Lanzone, Chief Digital Officer, CBS


If you’re not physically fit, you’d feel physical stress as you climb a steep hill.            If you’re not mentally fit, you’d feel mental stress, such as anxiety, frustration, or unhappiness, as you handle work and relationship challenges.  

80% of people score below the minimum level of mental fitness required for peak performance and happiness.  


With recent breakthroughs in neuroscience and technology, you can now improve your mental fitness significantly within 6 weeks of practice. 


Dramatically improved performance and productivity and a calm, clear and happier mind.


Mental fitness is a measure of the strength of your positive mental muscles (Sage) versus the negative (Saboteur).


Your Sage handles challenges through positive emotions like empathy, gratitude, curiosity, creativity, self-confidence, and calm, clear-headed, laser-focused action. 


Saboteurs react to challenges in ways that generate negative emotions such as stress, disappointment, self-doubt, regret, anger, shame, guilt, or worry.

The relative strength of your positive Sage versus negative Saboteurs is called PQ (Positive Intelligence Quotient).  


PQ is the measure of your Mental Fitness.

It's the best predictor of how happy you are and how well you perform relative to your potential.  

You can boost your PQ significantly with practice.


Designed like a mental fitness bootcamp, the PQ Program gives you the insights, motivation, and structure to practice 15 minutes per day for 8 weeks. 

Cohort Meetings led by The Kanthal Group combine weekly video sessions with daily app-guided practices to boost your 3 core mental fitness muscles.

Weekly 1-hour Video Sessions

In these highly engaging sessions, The Kanthal Group guides you through experiential exercises that deepen and personalize your understanding of the mental fitness tools. You leave inspired and energized for the week's daily practices.

MacBook screen showing Positive Intelligence session
iPhone with positive intelligence app

Exclusive App Guiding Your Daily Practice

Each day a different focus for daily practice is assigned through a personalized companion app available exclusively to program participants. 


This builds one small muscle at a time, laying down new neural pathways to form lasting positive habits of your mind. The cumulative impact by program's end is substantial.

Interactive PQ Gym

Innovative 10-second PQ Reps build up your Self-Command muscle. You learn to be clear-headed and calm even in the midst of great challenges, able to command your mind to shift from Saboteur to Sage response.

Daily Progress Tracking

iPhone with PQ Fitness App

The app tracks your daily progress against minimum targets associated with new neural pathway (muscle) formation. Personalized daily coaching tips from The Kanthal Group continue to both encourage and challenge you to keep going.


Weekly Cohort Coaching Sessions

Darren Kanthal leads cohorts of 4-8 people through lively and engaging group coaching sessions to deepen your understanding, identify real-world application, and uncover the true barriers to your happiness.


PQ is a synthesis of recent breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology, and performance science. 

Research included: 

  • hundreds of CEOs

  • sales, operations, and technology teams

  • Stanford students

  • elite athletes

  • 400,000 participants from 50 countries


This research was summarized in Shirzad Chamine's book Positive Intelligence, a New York Times bestseller, translated into 20 languages.  

The research reveals that:

  • Saboteurs and Sage live in entirely different regions of the brain.

  • You can cause a dramatic shift in brain activation to weaken Saboteurs and boost Sage.

  • 3 core muscles constitute mental fitness.

Front cover of the book Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine


Week 0: Introduction

The introductory week provides an opportunity to meet and become acquainted with your fellow cohort members, set your goals and intentions, and have your questions answered for what’s to come.  This introductory meeting has proved invaluable for previous cohorts to become more comfortable with each other and allow for a more effective kickoff for Week 1 for the core, 8-week PQ program.


  • Establish partnership and group agreements with each other

  • Identify and declare the top three areas of life and work that you’d like to focus and improve upon

  • Proactive Q&A and knowledge sharing to allow for a greater understanding of what to expect in Week 1

Week 1: Boost Your Self-Command Muscle

The first week you learn innovative 10-second PQ Reps that boost your self-command. This enables you to run your brain rather than being run by your Saboteur-hijacked brain. Self-command is key to intercepting unhelpful mental habits and rewiring your brain to respond more effectively.  

  • Try out and discover PQ Reps that are most effective for you.

  • Reach the minimum target for PQ Reps/day to achieve rewiring goal within 6 weeks.

  • Use the app's breakthrough PQ Charge Meter to ensure optimal brain activation before important activities.

  • Declare an audacious aspiration--what you want to achieve through this program.

Week 2: Intercept the Judge Saboteur

For this entire week, you'll intercept and weaken the most damaging Saboteur, the Judge. You discover how judging yourself, others, and circumstances is a key source of your stress and quite damaging to your performance. Most participants discover their Judge to be far more prevalent and damaging than they suspected

  • Expose your Judge's hidden lies, limiting beliefs, and negative patterns.

  • Reveal your Judge's impact on performance, relationships, and stress.

  • Practice intercepting your Judge before it hijacks you. 

  • Rewire your negative neural pathways by redirecting the Judge response.

Week 3: Intercept your Accomplice Saboteurs

This week you intercept and weaken the top accomplice to your Judge Saboteur, identified through the Saboteur Assessment from the following: Avoider, Controller, Hyper-Achiever, Hyper-Rational, Hyper-Vigilant, Pleaser, Restless, Stickler, Victim. 

  • Expose your accomplice Saboteur's hidden lies, limiting beliefs and negative patterns.

  • Reveal this Saboteur's impact on performance, relationships, and stress.

  • Discover how to quickly intercept this Saboteur before it hijacks you. 

  • Rewire your negative neural pathways by redirecting this Saboteur's response.

Week 4: Shift From Saboteur to Sage 

After weakening your Saboteurs, it is now time to strengthen your Sage, the counterpart to your Saboteurs. Your Sage lives in an entirely different part of your brain, generates all your positive emotions, and achieves peak performance through a calm and clear mind

  • Practice the Sage Perspective that every outcome or circumstance can be turned into a gift and opportunity

  • Use the 3 Gifts Technique to find the opportunity in setbacks.  

  • Replace draining self-judgment with energizing self-acceptance and empathy. 

  • Boost speed of recovery from failures and setbacks

Week 5: Boost the Sage Powers

The Sage region of the brain enables 5 primary powers. Analogous to the 3 primary colors, these 5 powers recombine to form all of the emotional intelligence competencies considered crucial to professional success. 

  • Augment your mental toolbox with 5 Sage powers. 

  • Practice 3 techniques to activate each power.

  • Know when to use which power--right tool at the right time. 

  • Boost emotional intelligence through combinations of the 5 primary powers.

Week 6: Take Clear-Headed, Laser-Focused Action

In our final week, you use your Sage's Navigate and Activate powers to take clear-headed, laser-focused, decisive action.

  • Use your Sage's Navigate power to align your actions with a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.

  • Use your Sage's Activate power to act without fear or emotional distractions even in midst of great crises.

  • Discover your Sage's deep wisdom, far surpassing your analytical intelligence.

  • Discover how your Sage generates your highest performance while enjoying every step--"in the zone."

FINAL SESSION: Sustain the Momentum 

In this final session, you discover how to continue using your PQ tools for a variety of work and life applications.

  • Learn how to further apply to peak performance in selling and persuading, conquering stress, managing conflict, and relationships mastery 

  • Discover how to use the PQ app to maintain your new mental muscles and Sage habits

  • Chart your path to keep progressing towards your audacious aspirations

  • Establish support and accountability agreements to sustain your momentum

"One of the very top experiences I've had."

"I have found this to be one of the very top experiences I’ve had in the past 34 years with my company. The impact on me personally has been profound, and the business impact is evident."

- Bonnie Curtis, VP of Product Supply, P&G

"This workshop changed my life."

"This workshop changed my life. I’m working half as hard and generating twice the results. It’s amazing what’s possible when you use these powerful tools."

- Brad Fisher, Executive Director, Featherstone Holdings

“The concepts are phenomenal.”

"This has been an extraordinary gift for my team. The concepts are phenomenal -- a true revelation in the way to think and handle work and life’s challenges. Besides the lasting impact on myself, I’ve loved hearing how many people this has touched in my company."

- Jessica Herrin, CEO, Stella & Dot


Is this the right program for me?


This is the right program for you if you are a) committed to improving your performance and effectiveness dramatically while reducing stress, b) looking for a science-based and trusted system to make it stick, and c) willing to put in the initial effort to rewire years of mental habits that don't serve you.

Aren't negative emotions sometimes helpful?

Some people believe that negative emotions are helpful. For example, they think stress gives them their performance edge, or beating themselves or others up is helpful for continual improvement. 

Feeling pain for a split second when your hand touches a hot stove is indeed useful, delivering an important alert. But your Saboteurs keep your hand on the hot stove, continuing to feel negative emotions which harm both performance and happiness. 

In this program we learn to use negative emotions as a helpful alert, and then quickly shift to the positive region of the brain that has the calm clarity, objectivity, and creativity to handle the challenge most effectively.

Who will lead the Positive Intelligence Program?

Shirzad Chamine will personally conduct each of the weekly video sessions. Shirzad will also participate daily in the exclusive online community of the program participants to answer questions, provide coaching, and cheer you on.

Shirzad is the New York Times bestselling author of Positive Intelligence, translated into 20 languages. He has been CEO of the largest coach training organization in the world and has trained faculty at Stanford and Yale business schools.  

Shirzad lectures on Positive Intelligence at Stanford University and works with Stanford’s NCAA athletes. A preeminent C-suite advisor, Shirzad has coached hundreds of CEOs and their executive teams. His background includes graduate level studies in neuroscience in addition to a BA in psychology, an MS in electrical engineering, and an MBA from Stanford.  

How much time and effort is required?  

You'd be committing to watching a 1-hour video once per week and doing a combined total of 15 minutes per day of practice guided by the Positive Intelligence app exclusively designed for this program. 

This might sound like a lot of time. In fact, cumulatively, it constitutes less than 2% of your awake time for the duration of the program. Please consider that your Saboteurs are costing you far more than 2% of your time, effort, energy, and productivity. Consider how much more than 2% of time and productivity this six-weeks investment will save for years to come.  

How is this different from reading the book?


You'd never learn to ride a bicycle by reading a book about it. You'll be asked to read the first 8 chapters of the book while participating in the program. The book provides the research foundation and introduces the tools. The video session guides you through experiential exercises that help you personalize the tools to your own personality and needs. And the app coaches you to practice one tool at a time in the context of your own daily work and life challenges. 

Should we participate as a team?

Even though the focus of the program is individual development, team leaders often call this experience the best team building experience they have ever had. Going through this program together significantly deepens trust, helps clear the air related to recurrent team member conflicts since they're mostly generated by Saboteurs, and gives the entire team a common framework for helping each other grow, making decisions, responding to setbacks, and managing conflicting styles and agendas. 

Do you have corporate/group discounts?

Yes, if you would like to purchase the Positive Intelligence program for your employees, or any group of 8 people and above, please contact us for more information.


For any questions, please contact 


“This has been a profound growth experience.”​

“This has been a profound growth experience. I now consistently feel joy and calm in the middle of handling the many challenges of running my company.  

“Almost a feeling of ‘Throw it at me… I can handle it' - like I want more challenges now, as if nothing is too much.”

- Becky Sharpe, CEO, Collegiate Sports Data

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