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Leadership Coaching:  We coach you to look holistically at your career, and help you be more effective in each role. Whether you’re a Senior, Mid-Level, or Emerging Leader - we all need help.  Some things we’ve heard leaders we work with say:

  • My career is derailed, and I’m not sure how to get back on track

  • I’m being left out of meetings in which I feel I should participate

  • I’ve been overlooked for a promotion

  • I’m missing “truth tellers” on my team

  • I don’t know what I don’t know

  • I feel pressure to be “right” all the time


If you’re any saying of these things, or you want support with communication, motivation, leadership and management skills, planning and organizing, the Kanthal Group is the right partner.


Leaders who have worked with the Kanthal Group:

  • Get clear on where they are in their career, where they want it to go, and how to get there

  • Have a trusted Coach and advisor who advocates for them, their future, and their happiness

  • Learn real-world and practical tools, tips, and best practices to reach new and exciting levels of success and achievement

  • Freedom of mind – stop the mind chatter!

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Career Transition Coaching:  Looking for a new job can feel like an overwhelming process. Whether you’ve just lost a job, aren’t satisfied in your current job, want something more, or you’re deciding to make a career change, it can seem like you’re navigating a black hole.

We can be a guiding light to help you gain clarity on your career goals and lay out the steps for how to get you there.


Leaders who have partnered with The Kanthal Group:

  • Receive a structured job search approach

  • Enjoy peace of mind by having a partner through every step of the job search process

  • Gain a candid look at themselves as a person and professional, to uncover their greatness, strengths, knowledge, and abilities, as well as areas of improvement

  • Benefit from an insider’s vantage point on how the job search process works, how to effectively navigate unchartered territory, and how to maximize your chance of landing a job you actually want

  • Learn practical tips on resumes, LinkedIn, interviewing, negotiating offers, and how to effectively integrate into your new role

  • Receive guidance to negotiate after receiving an offer

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Workshops & Facilitation: With over 20 years of experience in HR, leadership development, and talent acquisition & recruiting, we’ve seen and experienced most challenges leaders face.

The Kanthal Group engages your team in an interactive dialogue, sharing candid, straightforward perspectives that can help ease your pain points and get your people practices on the right path.

Workshop and Facilitation Topics can include:

  • Effective HR practices for Leadership Teams

  • General HR and Recruiting Topics

  • Communication in the Workplace for managers

  • Panel discussions

  • DiSC facilitation

  • Radical Candor

  • Dare to Lead

  • Change Management

  • Mental Fitness

Leaders and teams who have worked with The Kanthal Group:

  • Experience cohesive teams that communicate openly and confidently while exhibiting sincere personal care for their managers, colleagues, peers, and direct reports

  • Gain a clear sense of each person’s place on the team, how they can be most effective, and maximizing the unique strengths of the team holistically

  • Practice team empowerment – they no longer hear ‘that isn’t my job’

  • Put aside standard training and utilize more engaging, interactive, and meaningful development

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Speaking Engagements: As a featured and keynote speaker, we speak to a variety of audiences and tailor the content to meet each specific need.  Our topics are thought-provoking, engaging, and always include a laugh – we believe a sense of humor is key!

Speaking Topics Include:

  • Mental Fitness

  • Radical Candor

  • General HR and Recruiting Topics

  • Customized to meet your needs


Leaders and teams who have heard from the Kanthal Group:

  • Are challenged in how they think and operate their teams and organizations

  • Bring practical insights and knowledge back to their teams

  • Form a lasting relationship with a trusted partner

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